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So City Club | Soho Lounge

So City Club

So City is a happening nightclub in the heart of St Julian's. It is situated right above the prominent Soho Lounge in Paceville's main street and is designed to evoke and enjoy the best of city nightlife. With an atmosphere that is always pumping, So City is a nightclub for the late hours of the night to enjoy an exclusive venue targeted to a crowd that enjoys good music, top DJs, a stylish venue and a fashionable crowd.

The club is reached from a separate entrance and staircase to that of Soho Lounge and the design immediately reflects the different mood with luminescent neons reflecting the city inspired design. The So City Club has an elevated DJ stand with large flatscreens in the background for full effect, a state of the art sound system, a fully stocked bar, a generous dance floor area, a VIP lounge area and a large outdoor terrace overlooking Paceville's main busy street.

The atmosphere at So City is usually that of a no nonsense venue with uplifting club music for the party-goer looking for a great night out. Events and specially themed nights are regularly held by Malta's night life promoters.